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We install, repair and upgrade Freeview services all over Berkshire, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Freeview is a popular UK digital TV platform for a number of reasons, not least because the standard service is free, and gives you 70 channels, 15 HD channels and access to 95% of the UK’s favourite shows.

We install Freeview aerials in all Berkshire areas

But there are also added services you can get, like Freeview Play which lets you connect to the internet and watch on-demand shows on the likes of BBC iPlayer. And Freeview HD Recorder which lets you – as you might have already guessed – record TV shows.

The common factor with whatever Freeview service you choose is that you need a good quality TV aerial to get the best out of it.

We’re the people to call if you need help and advice about Freeview, and if you want us to install a new digital TV aerial or upgrade your existing one.


The short answer is pretty much everyone in the UK can get Freeview, as long as you’ve got a TV aerial. All new TVs come with Freeview pre-installed. Older TVs need to connect to a Freeview box. Not sure how to get the best out of Freeview? That’s the time to call us. The Slough Aerials & Satellites technicians have been helping customers in your area make the most of Freeview ever since it’s been available.

Here’s just a quick run down of why Freeview is so popular with so many customers:


Want to know why so many people choose Slough Aerials & Satellites to help out with all things Freeview? Here’s why”

We can fix your Freeview Aerial In Slough or Middlesex

Vast Experience: We’ve installed Freeview in all kinds of homes, hospitals, schools, you name it

No Job Too Tough: So most aerials have to be high up to get the best signal. And some are in really tricky to reach places. But that doesn’t deter our Technicians who are qualified to work at height, and relish a challenge.

Great Customer Service: while using Freeview might be second nature to us and a lot of customers, we appreciate that some customers might need guidance when using a new system for the first time. We’re happy to provide that guidance.

Speedy Service: We can usually get out to you on the same day you call. And 95% of the time, whatever your Freeview related query, we can get it sorted on the same day.

That’s got to be worth a call to the best Freeview installation, repairs, upgrades and maintenance service in your area on 0800 051 7674.

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